An Up And Down Kind Of Day

Today you woke up in a very sensitive and emotional mood and began your morning crying. All day it’s been ups and downs and walking on egg shells with the slightest things making you so upset.

In between, there’s been cuddles, playing talking and singing but there have also been a lot of tears. It’s been one of those days where I haven’t been able to predict you like I usually can. You’ve been so clingy and sensitive but with no obvious sign that anything is actually wrong. You could be teething, feeling unwell, feeling over-tired but who knows?

Of course, you’re entitled to these days, just like we all are. The difference is, you can’t tell me why you’re feeling out of sorts. Maybe you’re not even sure you are. These days are very hard for me but no doubt harder for you. It’s not nice to see you cry, and really cry and not really know why things are triggering you so easily today.

We had such gorgeous snuggles at bed time and you held my cheeks and told me I was a “silly mummy”. You asked about the baby in my tummy and told your Ellie that your penguin was going to sleep. I must’ve kissed your cheeks a thousand times just at bed time, because even after a hard day, my heart explodes with love for you more than you could ever know.

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope it’ll be a happier one for you my baby.

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